Sunday, March 3, 2013

The missing child abuse

There's a very helpful graphic being shared these days on what sort of actions are child abuse.

However, I felt that it misses out one of the most widespread forms of child abuse taking place today:

The act of holding human beings in physical confinement against their natural wishes, of ordering them to do what you judge to be best for their future (the judgement being sorely under-researched and prejudiced), and creating elaborate structures to justify that confinement as being good for them while neglecting the consequences that are resulting from it.

Right to free and compulsory education? Bullshit.

No one should be made to do anything compulsorily, no matter what the justification. This is one of the most basic human rights accorded to every human being, including children who are humans first. If this provision is to be bent even a little for realism, it should only happen at the hands of the people who are closest to that child. Outsourcing it to people who have nothing to lose and much to gain from violating this basic human right, is what we today known as schooling.

Sure, it may be everywhere and generally accepted as necessary today. But so was slavery, so was colonialism, so was women's repression, so is reckless consumption of fossil fuels, so are wars, so is bailing out large irresponsible corporations with taxpayers' money. In case you forgot, all those practices were also being done in the name of the greater good. Just because the status quo tells you something, doesn't make it automatically right. It must be held and inspected in its own light, and the devil in the details brought out instead of grandiose rhetoric.

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