Monday, May 27, 2013

A different take on Littering

A comment to a post that was lamenting about the littering habits of
fellow Indians and stating a need to shame them publicly into throwing
their waste "the right way".

You need to do more research into the most reputed companies in India
that are dumping millions of litres of toxic waste into the country's
natural resources while using unsustainable packaging to transport their
products to the citizens and then not bothering about taking that
unsustainable packaging back.

They switched from paper wrappers to plastic ones to increase their

As for the food waste: if it's bio-degradable then the best thing is to
give it to trees / grass where the insects and microbes will make good
use of it, instead of throwing it into wastebins.

We have to attack the very way of life that produces waste. Simply
throwing kachra into the bin properly wlll only dump that waste elsewhere.

Today all the developed countries are dumping all their kachra onto
developing countries and they are destroying other people's rivers and
lands in the name of keeping their own country clean. We live on one
spherical planet and there is no "away" to really throw our waste to.

In hindsight, the people who litter are doing us a favour : giving us a
stern reminder of the non-cyclical way of life that is harming us and
our environment, and giving us an incentive to do something about it
that goes beyond repeatedly cleaning up and transporting our trash

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