Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why Obama was put in office

About Barack Obama: This is for all those who talk about people opposing
him because he's black:

How convenient : Put a black man in office, so that any criticism can be
handled and buried by the racism tag. Meanwhile, through him wage more
wars, practice more torture, drill more oil, make more money, use more
drones, assassinate more people without cause or trial, imprison more
people without due process, censor more websites under guise of
copyright protection, tap more phones and emails, ruin more lives, Push
more CO2 in the atmosphere, make no real commitments to solve any
problems but make more grandiose statements, accumulate more wealth and

Doesn't matter who the person is.. black, white, yellow, pink, green...
The real bosses are the ones who funded the election campaign. Who
funded Obama's? Who made sure that the election was seen as an Obama Vs
Romney fight? Who paid the media to completely censor out all the other
candidates, including a WOMAN who was standing from a pro-environment,
anti-Wall St platform? Go find out.

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