Monday, May 27, 2013

if you already know it, then SHOW it

It does not matter that you already know. This fact will never get out
unless you explicitly put your voice into what you know.

If you already know that Guantanamo Bay should be shut down and the
people illegally held there without evidence be freed,

If you already know that GM food is bad for everyone except its

If you already know that it's not a wise idea to raise atmospheric CO2
levels beyond certain limits,

If you already know that the democratic process has been hijacked and
there is no point of elections which let us choose only between corrupt

If you already know that solely for-profit policies of multinational
companies are harming everyone,

If you already know that something is seriously wrong with our schooling
and college systems and that the people succeeding in these and taking
decision-making positions are harming us all,

If you already know that the news channels are simply giving out all the
wrong messages and that reality is very different,

...then say it so. If you can't draft your own words, then share someone
else's voice that beckons you. Merge your voice with others saying it
through a petition -- an online petition also! Express it in your social
life - whether that is conversation with friends over chai or on Facebook.

There are people around you that do not already know, or that think they
are the only ones that already know and everyone else thinks
differently. By expressing yourself, you can give them the assurance
that they are not alone in having a deep disconnect with what's going
on. This is an extremely powerful thing, to let someone know that they
are not alone. It sets the stage to forming a community around shared
ideas, to banding together, to giving your ideas a group force, to
bringing about real change.

Just expressing yourself can change your world. Indeed, the places where
we see the baddest things happening, the scams etc, also happen to be
the places where people have not been free to express themselves.

So go ahead. If you already know it, then SHOW IT!

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