Monday, May 27, 2013

crop circles!

Crop circles! With the governments having lied about so many things, and knowing the knee-jerk response of a hierarchical structure to dismiss or ignore that which it cannot explain, and after having seen and read so much, I now don't believe in the ridiculous idea that all these beautiful, intricate designs that no official agency on this planet can reproduce, are the work of overnight pranksters. That's just plain ridiculous. Look at these patterns, man. Beauty, art, aesthetic has a way of proving, legitimizing itself, through its sheer inner strength.

Check out and explore this website:

And here are a few of them, straight in your face:

from this page:
It's got the location, date etc details. If it could be refuted as a photoshop trick, why would there be details provided that one can easily go to the place and verify?? A hoax site gives images without the accompanying details.

From here:

Same place from the ground:

Wow, man. Life is truly stranger than fiction. Lots of mysteries of our world yet unexplored. And I have a strong feeling that for the issues of the world we face, that came out of conventional sources, the solutions are going to come from the unconventional sources. So think twice before dismissing something that you can't explain or replicate, and don't rely on our conventional highly-educated sources for answers : their egos and positions will be hurt if they did any real investigation. They have an inherent conflict of interest that makes them to dismiss these mysteries as pranks without taking the burden to actually prove that they were pranks.

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