Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Exploring Raspberry Pi

I'm currently exploring possible applications of the Raspberry Pi, a
low-cost, small, portable computer that's being heralded as something
that can open gateways to a new generation of automation, programming,
bridging the digital divide, etc. Already some interesting applications
are being shared. I'm still very new to this so can't give much detail
here, but would like to invite anyone along.

A friend who wants to use this at a learning center in his village but
needs people on programming side to research it, bought it for me online
and had it delivered to me. You can get it too here:

(Raspberry Pi, Rs.2875)
(Pre-installed R.Pi memory card, Rs.365)

I'm presently looking for a USB Keyboard to be able to run this thing.
If anyone has one lying around and can lend one, please!

Here are websites where you can find interesting leads:

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