Wednesday, September 10, 2014

India's forests on track to get wiped out

The sad part is that the middle class, heavily separated from on-the-ground reality and overly dependent on news agencies owned by the same private players benefiting from this scam, won't even realize that wiping out the nation's forests does NOTHING at all towards increasing the country's progress; doesn't do jack towards a better economy. The short-term gains go overwhelmingly into private pockets, and the nation is left with several times more, and recurring long-term expenses to cope with the externalized costs of loss of natural resources : higher costs of living for the poorest, reduced land productivity, loss of water acquifers, increased natural disasters like landslides which are happening directly because of wiping out of forests. The costs overwhelmingly outweigh the benefits, but are made invisible through omission.

There is absolutely no difference between UPA and NDA governments on these counts. Their actions betray their homogeneity as far as the environment is concerned. They're both ultimately the private agents of the entities that have funded them. And yeah, Rs.20,000+ crores is the investment made in these elections : the filthiest in the country's history, the one that broke all past records to bring the highest number of persons with serious criminal and/or corruption charges into Parliament. The obvious intention is to take away India's last remaining natural resources from its people and hand them over to the investors coveting them.

If this were happening in some other country, we'd laugh at how stupid those people are, to keep on falling for personality cults, to not even think about the future generations in the blind daze of materialistic growth, to vote in parties and leaders that are so obviously being funded by the elites to do their bidding, to be so ridiculously ignorant of where the money funding these massive campaigns is coming from. 

The joke's on us now.

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