Thursday, September 11, 2014

The one who believes in God is as foolish as the one who doesn’t

I read a speech of J. Krishnamurthi where he says "The one who believes in God is as foolish as the one who doesn't". I was amused. I shared this with my flat-mate. He narrated me a story of Buddha. Once Buddha was walking with Ananda, they came across a passerby who was loudly reciting the name of God. Buddha asked him "Where is your God… Have you seen him…?" The passerby was dumb folded. He just left silently. They came across another one who was condemning God and said there is no such thing called God. Buddha asked him "Is there no God really… Can you prove it?" The passerby gave no answer and left mute. Ananda asked Buddha "What is this? Is there a God or not?". "God- it doesn't matter whether there is any or not. What matters is the question!" replied Buddha.
This world is so beautifully interwoven and complicated! Let's free ourselves from the brutality of dualism and plunge back into to manifold!

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