Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My stand on Deepika Padukone Vs TOI issue

When choosing between criticizing individual human beings or institutions in any standoff, we all too often embrace the status quo's habit of unconsciously defending the institution, in the process of vilifying the individual. 

This is a sound strategy to prevent any positive change in society from happening : there's not much effect when we brand the person as a publicity-monger etc. Koi sudhaar nahin hoga. 

What if we were to brand Times of India as the publicity-monger, the attention-grabber, the inhuman one? 

That would set in motion a process of fundamental institutional change; that would make our mainstream media more responsible in their behaviour than they have been so far.

So, in the interest of the future of my nation and the dignity of everyone I love, I choose to stand on Deepika Padukone's side in this issue. 

The ugly face of TOI that we're glimpsing thanks to this controversy is just a little peek into the monstrosity that this thoroughly corrupted institution has turned into, and the extent to which it is violating its role as a news provider. Hoping the rest of it also comes out in the coming days.

Here's Deepika's response on the matter; I think TOI has already given its side all over their publications as evidently seen in this pic; no guesses to which one looks more civilized: https://www.facebook.com/DeepikaPadukone/posts/722345794506193

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