Friday, December 8, 2017

MILO : On why feminists see all men as abusers
MILO Speaks at [Australian] Parliament -MILO, 2017-12-05

On why feminists see all men as abusers:

Towards the end, at the 44th minute (as a response to a question)

Rape rates have been collapsing [in the west] for 30 years
We should be hugely proud about that
But feminists lie about it and claim that we're experiencing
some sort of explosion of bad behavior towards women.

"I think it's probably because the think the rest of us are like their men:
They think we're all Weiners, Weinsteins and Spaceys
Well, libertarian and conservative guys I know are pretty respectful of women.
It's your guys who aren't.
I understand why Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin have low opinions of men
They think men are like their husbands.
[Crowd laughs and claps]
It's like I said in my [show?],
You know when someone describes themselves as a male feminist,
you can start the clock on the rape charge.
Oh Milo, what would we do without you? :D

PS: Dear lazy offended reader, if you want the factual basis behind
this, please see the rest of the video.

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