Wednesday, December 27, 2017

White Zimbabwean farmer returns to seized land
Ululations, tears as white Zimbabwean farmer returns to seized land

I love this article and the video in it, because it totally goes against the "all white people are evil" and "colonialism is to blame for everything" narrative that plagues the NGO, intellectual (read: social sciences or journalism or policial science majors) and "liberal" circles these days (quotes because that's what they call themselves; I don't think that's what they truly are). 

Why in the world are those black people loving that white guy so much? Oh no, is it because they value things other than race? Might it be because they're not racist and would rather, in Martin Luther King's words, judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin? But heck, your liberal friend will just tell you it's Stockholm Syndrome and move on with yelling "death to all white people" while carrying their "no more hate" placard.

Zimbabwe's brutal dictator Robert Mugabe after causing hyperinflation, prosecuting journalists and doing all sorts of crappy things, did for political score-points what practically every liberal arts professor has been advocating since decades : forced land reform, taking away ownership rights of white farmers whose predecessors had taken control of vast lands during colonial times and started farming, with the intention of "giving it back to the people". 

And the result? Corrupt elements who had influence in the corrupt government and in no way represented the best interests "of the people" living there moved in and took control, and started actually treating their own fellow black people there as slaves, plus they didn't KNOW anything about how to manage the farms. Zimbabwe's farming sector crashed. This article shows a start of a reversal of that policy (which I'm sure most academics are going to decry as a step backwards) after Zimbabwe have removed their brutal dictator Mugabe.

I find the "returning it to the people" part has played out, in Zimbabwe's case, exactly as Jon Rappoport predicted in this piece:
Rising up against the Oligarchs does not equal socialism - by Jon Rappoport

It also reminds me of Venezuela's experiences.

So it gives much food for thought, especially for someone who's been intellectually raised on "capitalism is evil, socialism is wonderful" narratives. By no means is the binary opposite valid either, and hey, I've never been a fan of binary defaults, FYI.

And for those who are saying "but how else can we do land reform? It's so unequal right now!", kindly allow me to point you to the BHOODAN MOVEMENT. Go look it up. There's a reason why capitalists and socialists both have tried sure to delete its exploration from our history books.

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