Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Who is Jordan Peterson and why do people hate him so much?

youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSmUzDt-7U

Whether Jordan Peterson is a hate figure or not, the people hating him definitely are showing themselves as haters.

So let's see.. all of this hatred and vitriol because he said "I'm going to stick to using he or she when using a pronoun for an individual, thank you very much".

Man, this is retarded. So let me offend these offended people a little bit more.

Dear SJWs, not that I had any dog in this fight earlier, but just to piss you off,

I hereby declare that even I will stick to using he or she when using a pronoun for an individual.

That too, I will even sometimes make mistakes and say "he" instead of  "she" or "she" instead of "he". And it will be all right, because, in case you didn't notice..


Anyways, looking at the protest side of this video...
It highlights the problem I have always had with protests / rallies about things that aren't immediately about some life or death thing, why I cringe about the very limited experience I've had of them. We shout. We chant. We repeat. It's a one way thing. We're not in conversation with anyone. There's little to no usage of brain happening. The loud noise drowns out any conversation.

In contrast, I remember attending this silent protest where we all put tapes over our mouths. I just felt like so much more was conveyed that day.

I'm sure there are good protests too. But I'm wondering if all protests are good protests.

I look at the talks, speeches by Milo from college to college. I found those much better than just doing marches.

Edit: I found another video that brings Jordan Peterson's best bits together... wow, now I really know why Bernie Sanders fans, sociology types liberal arts types folks hate him so much.. he questions the basic premises behind the SJWs, the drive towards socialist utopia etc.

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=458My4gvGDs

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