Saturday, December 2, 2017

On the Yale Halloween SJW incident

The Yale Halloween SJW incident :
where SJW students gheraoed and screamed at a professor for the "unforgivable" crime of standing up for his wife who had expressed support for other students to wear whatever they wanted on Halloween. You have to see this footage to see how drama-queen these idiots went. You'd think they were getting hyper over something life-or-death, but it was over freakin' HALLOWEEN COSTUMES.
Yale Students Demand SAFE SPACE! -Chris Ray Gun, 2015-11-09
>> Covers the background of how this started : with an email from a professor that was affirming people's right to wear whatever they wanted. These students made her out to be some evil person and cornered and screamed at her husband, and then went on to demand both husband and wife to resign.
The "Shrieking Girl": Yale student expresses her need to be "safe" from Halloween costumes -Badger Pundit, 2015-11-08
>>more vids from the incident:
Yale University - New Videos of Halloween Email Protest -TheAsianRepublican, 2016-09-17
Yale University - Full Version - New Videos of The Halloween Email Protest -TheAsianRepublican, 2016-09-21
Adam Carolla On Entitled Youth And Yale Halloween Controversy -Carolla Video, 2017-04-07
The Simpsons - SJWs at Yale -HolycrapLOL, 2017-04-04
>> OMG the Simpsons did an episode on that! LOL!
Sam Harris on College Campus Craziness with Nicholas Christakis -Cogent Canine, 2017-10-11
>> my comments here:

>> 15:35 : Did that girl ever try to know who the prof was? Has she ever engaged in a spirited conversation with him? How can she possibly expect only him to put all his work aside to exclusively know her without doing anything in return?
>> Why are all these students even bringing up the whole "you don't even remember my name hence you're evil" thing if they were there to discuss about HALLOWEEN costumes?
>> Nicholas, you are amazing. Please continue with your work and know that those students WILL NEVER represent all of us. They are overly entitled nothings who will achieve nothing in life if they continue this way. And, I am a brown-skinned Indian from India and I will be extremely happy to see people from all races wearing any Indian attire on Halloween and any other day. We feel FLATTERED and LOVED when you do that, never insulted. Please come to India and teach here, we will worship you. To hell with those bloody snowflakes.
>> 17:46 : to the student : Your friend is standing there in front of everyone being a drama queen and you're pretending to care for her while giving her justification for her bad behaviour..
>> Hats off to Nicholas for standing up for his wife! Ladies, this is the kind of man you want to have in your life when the entitled snowflakes turn on you.
>> Employers, pleas don't hire from Yale. You don't want such entitled serial misunderstanders screwing your work life.
>> That idiot in the cap who just invaded the prof's space and got just inches from his face : Did he ever wonder that there might be a reason why no one else is doing that? Has he ever wondered how unsafe and threatened he made the prof feel when he did that?
>> According to the shrieking girl, Yale College is not about creating an intellectual space. It's about creating a home : because these students haven't experienced a safe home and so are expecting to have now, in college, what they feel they never had in their childhood. That's my inference. I could be wrong, but I'm making a guess here: The millennial snowflakes are products of broken families and estranged relationships.

Anyways, you'll be glad to know what went down at Yale finally:
Yale students defy authority; wear offensive Halloween costumes -Badger Pundit, 2015-11-16

And the best response the internet has brought up for these folks:
Remy: Trigger (Thriller Parody) -ReasonTV, 2017-10-31

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