Monday, December 18, 2017

Twitter begins implementing China-style guilty-by-association censorship rules

tomoro twitter implements new rules, which some are calling "the purge". notably, they're banning users affiliated w/ orgs that promote violence—both on and offline. 

>> Why this should concern you if you don't identify as anything near to alt-right or hate-speecher : The subjective, zero-evidence-needed censorship regimes brought on by social media platforms at the behest of the western liberals who want to stop Trump supporters and "alt-right" from gaining ground, are being used by these companies to scuttle dissent in countries around the world. FB censored Malta's anti-corruption journalist associated with Panama Papers, and helped Pakistan to execute atheists. Google suspended their ads on JantaKaReporter. Twitter will use this policy change to suspend all accounts that Govt of India deems as promoting anti-national thoughts. And that includes anyone who dares to speak out against Aadhar, EVMs, to question our PM, etc. Once you start down the road of equating speech with violence, totalitarians get all the excuses they needed.

Thanks a lot, #SJWs .

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