Saturday, December 2, 2017

"I'm not pro censorship, I just want to censor a few people"
EPIC! Must Watch Tucker Take On A Psychotic Psychologist That Wants To Ban Speech -The AntiCoIntelPro Show, 2017-08-01
>> A comment there:
People like this woman is why we have to have safe spaces and coloring books for college kids.
>> "it wasn't about banning speech, it was about banning PEOPLE who will give the speech" . So let's allow only selected people to speak and let's suppress everyone we disagree it. And that's not censorship. That's her argument. On one hand she's saying she's not supporting censorship. And on the other she says we shouldn't let certain people (and she mentioned Milo) speak anywhere. And why the whole thing? Because she's concerned about mental health. Oh, if the truth distresses you, let's ban the truth! And this person's advocacy was published by NYT.
>> She keeps saying she's not pro-censorship, and then she says she wants to ban certain people from being able to speak anywhere. That's like a dictator saying "I don't condone extrajudicial execution of everybody, but I will execute just a few that I don't like."

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