Saturday, December 16, 2017

Rethinking Aadhar (it's a website!)

Here is a great website that has chronicled exactly what is the problem with the UID system quite well:

From the live cases we can get a deeper understanding of the matter.

If I look into this lady's eyes:

...then I simply cannot get myself to say, "Madam, we will give you your aadhar number and you should keep it a secret from everybody, or else you [effectively] die! Oh, and your (chuckle) fingerprints : the one thing you cannot rely on aside from your memory, will be the key to your survival!"

Instead I hear myself asking, "What have we done?" It's my generation, my friends and colleagues who did engineering, MBA, IAS and all who have brought this about while worshipping the technology God. The me of 5 years back was also fervently wanting this technocratic Utopia, I also fervently believed that ever more advanced technology will solve everything "one day".

A functioning and empowered Mohalla Sabha would never have let this sort of situation come to pass.

Mohalla Sabhas are the real solution. UID/Aadhar is the fake.

Plus: Check out : : Submit a petition to your Member of Parliament or service provider. It has all the details and the correct emails all laid out for you. Just select your MP / bank / mobile company and click ahead.

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