Friday, August 24, 2018

Kant's moral philosophy of universal principles that apply equally to everybody

Something I liked in a recent Mark Manson article.
[Begin quote]

Kant's moral philosophy is unique and counterintuitive. Kant believed that for something to be good, it had to be universal—that is, it can't be "right" to do something in one situation and "wrong" to do it in another. If lying is wrong, it has to be wrong all the time. It has to be wrong when everyone does it. Period. If it isn't always right or always wrong, then that cannot be a valid ethical principle.

Kant called these universalized ethical principles "categorical imperatives"—rules to live by that are valid in all contexts, in every situation, to every human being.

[End quote]

For me this ties into the current battles raging about "hate speech" and "fake news" and about mainstream TV, news and internet publications, "liberal / progressive" government structures like the EU and Canada, tech giants and the western Left attacking and censoring everything they don't agree with using the above two terms, while at the same time being completely encouraging of hateful opinions towards men and white people.

I have see the liberals / leftists / NGOs / social media giants (what a nexus!) abusing the concepts of social justice, and using identity politics to completely violate the above quoted moral philosophy. The exact same statements made against men or white people are ok, but if you replace "white" with "black" or "men" with "women" and re-share the same quote, you can get fired, jailed, banned, beaten, killed, excommunicated, forever labelled as "racist", "misogynist", "nazi" etc etc by these same folks. It's a hyper-judgemental state of mind accompanied by rank hypocrisy.

They have twisted social justice into all-out injustice towards all the identities that they hate. And their hatred for whom they perceive to be oppressors far surpasses their love for whom they perceive to be oppressed

As Jordan Peterson has pointed out so well, this behaviour matches what George Orwell had observed about the socialists/communists/marxists : they hated the rich more than they loved the poor. This character trait manifested itself terribly in the communist purges of the 20th century where tens of millions of people died. They were OK with killing many of the poor as collateral damage as long as they could get the rich. This resulted in the communists ending up hurting the very people they claimed to be standing up for, all their ideological behaviour didn't result in making things better for anybody but rather settled on making things equally bad for everybody, and today the inheritors of those ideologies : the Social Justice Warrors : are doing the same.

Have some principles in your life that apply UNIVERSALLY, where no matter which class of people you switch to, it still applies. It is as wrong to wish for a genocide upon white people as it is to wish for genocide upon anybody. Justifying rape of white women and girls across Europe as a "compensation for centuries of colonial oppression" is as bad (and sick, too) as justifying rape of any other person. Don't shape your principles such that you need to provide a thousand justifications like "oh but it's ok because they colonized us for centuries" > NO. That was their elite masters, not them. Those bad people have long since departed from this earth (and the elites who ARE still doing bad things, are the ones who FUNDED all this social justice / identity politics distraction so you stop critiquing them and get distracted into blaming your fellow brothers and sisters for all your problems, in case you didn't notice. It's a classical Divide-and-Rule policy in action, and the SJWs are the pawns in their game.). The white person you meet today is as much a descendant of slaves as you are. You have no right to be attacking them, period.

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