Thursday, August 23, 2018

On Generation Identity's persecution and the refugee industry

Something that emerges in the content of the video: The leftists of Austria are on the same side as the accused group here, as what has happened : the state using its vast resources, structural and outright physical violence, imprisonment, slandering, intimidation and bureaucracy to crack down on nonviolent citizen activists who have a different point of view than the ruling government : will tomorrow be used against the left once it has been institutionalised while deploying against the right.

VERDICT: Generation Identity Trial -Brittany Pettibone, 2018-07-27

I have been following the Generation Identity group's activities, and my inference as of today is this:

Human trafficking gangs are the most vile, evil, vicious people on the planet, and they have been profiting massively by delivering refugees across the Mediterranean. They've basically turned a disorganized activity into an assembly line business that aims at higher and higher volumes come what may. It's not a free humanitarian service : They charge high amounts of money from the refugees they transport, AND from the "NGOs" they deliver the refugees to. They are also the same people who bought and sold all those thousands of women and girls as sex slaves under ISIS rule, and who took money from ISIS to mix beheading-habituated terrorists in with the refugees they were transporting. At some point when they run out of Africans wanting to cross over, they'll go and start off wars and bloodshed just to force people to cross over to keep the "gravy train" flowing. When you create the incentive for crisis, you guarantee the crisis. They're basically the modern day equivalents of colonial era slave traders. All the "refugees welcome" activists, NGOs and governments have been knowingly or unknowingly (oh yes I know how innocent y'all are, I was born just yesterday! #sarcasm ) financing, supporting, giving carte blanche to these extremely evil criminal cartels, all while telling us through the pliant no-questions-asked mainstream media that they're oh so humanitarian.

It would have been the easiest and most obvious thing in the world to have European countries' Navy patrolling the seas and manning the ports of Libya (whose government was incinerated by Obama-Clinton administration btw without UN mandate and now Libya is a failed state while under Gaddafi it had Africa's highest living standards) to screen and pass refugees and make sure they don't get attacked or raped or die on the way, but the EU governments have deliberately forced their navies to stand down and have given free license to these murderous criminals who have no problem killing people while transporting them, raping the women as side payment, putting refugees through extreme risks, and sinking a boat or two every now and then to jerk some tears out and get more donations out of bleeding-heart liberals - donations that the NGOs then funnel to these criminal cartels. So the money you donate (and what European taxpayers are paying massively) to help refugees, is used to loot and rape them. The governments could have taken over this operation to ensure dignified passage for refugees, but then it wouldn't be enticing so much sympathy, so on with the torture!

The reason why there is such a smaller proportion of women and children among the refugees arriving in Europe since this crisis began (back when everyone still thought it's only Syrians and Iraqis fleeing the war but now it's clear the majority are people not fleeing any war, but it's ok, the Left loves to suddenly shift their goalposts from war to poverty without even a hint of apology for past arguments proved wrong), is because if you're a female and you take this human trafficking route then you're highly likely to get gang-raped by these criminals en route or at one of the temporary shelters on either side. So a "women and children first" ethic of saving people has, with the creation of the refugee industry, now been flipped over into "military age men first", and that is what shows up in the demographics of the refugees coming to Europe. The women and children can be left behind to rot and die, our mainstream media, academia, bleeding-heart liberals, SJWs, lefitsts, feminists, "peace activists", twiteratti intellectuals are not giving a damn about them. "Out of sight is out of mind", as the saying goes. Conditions at home are so terrible for the men that they have no choice but to flee, but apparently the women and children are just fine, if the official narrative is to be believed.

One amazing thing that the young men and women of Generation Identity did was to start tracking these vile criminal human trafficking gangs, without any weapons or violence, and reporting their locations and activities to the governments of Europe. They basically did the job that the NAVYs of Europe were supposed to be doing. They saved several refugees' lives in the process. And they also uncovered criminal collusion between reputed NGOs and human traffickers, especially in the tactic of deliberately damaging a boatload of people and abandoning them out in the middle of the sea to die, and the NGO's ship "conveniently" happens to be passing by and "rescues" them. A few catches were missed in this risky enterprise and those tragedies got more funds pouring in. Of course, this group (Generation Identity) believes (and I share that opinion) that the refugees - especially the ones not fleeing any war - are best helped in their own lands and it is harmful for all sides to move them in such vast numbers to Europe on the promise of taxpayer-funded welfare that can never be kept and assimilation/integration that can never be achieved when the volume gets so high. 

And it is for this and not the other protests, posters etc that the governments of Europe and the mainstream media branded them as criminal mafia gangs and slammed the full force of the state down on them. Had they stayed at home and spouted hatred like other right-wing groups, the state wouldn't be so harsh on them. But to venture out to sea and expose the criminality of the NGOs and the anti-human true nature of the refugee industry, to actually stop refugees from being used as pawns in someone else's game - well, that was unforgivable from the establisment's perspective. 

Conducting state violence towards non-violent people sends only one clear message to everyone who is dissenting. So to all SJWs: use the heavy hammer of the State and stifling bureaucracy to further your pet cause at your own perilas has been done here and in the cases of Count Dankula and Tommy Robinson, Lauren Southern and many others. You have no idea how many people you're pissing off with your grand-standing, condescension, reckless labelling (Nazi Nazi Nazi mujhe log boley.. ), fake empathies, short-sighted support for arbitrary censorship regimes and glaring ignorance of what the other side is concerned about. You have no idea how invisible your facade is getting with every passing day.


Where the real racism lies
I personally feel it is extremely racist of the SJWs to think of all of Africa (and the rest of the planet actually) as a shithole and therefore justify moving any and all the Africans out of Africa (why else would you want such a thing??). That's got to be the absolute worst way to be using your empathy (and the blatant narcissism of it, OMG!). The biggest beneficiaries of this mass migration are the crony capitalists that are grabbing land of migrating peoples at dirt-cheap rates at continental levels. Africa has immense potential for reform and greatness. The people of Africa do not deserve to have all their human potential, dignity, lands and wealth taken away from them and put on welfare drip just so you can show off your inclusiveness points. Go there and fix their problems if you want to show you care so much about them, rather than putting them through hell to import them so you don't have to move your butt anywhere! But maybe that's the issue here: The SJWs of our generation are so addicted to the home delivery way of life that they think that's the best way to solve any problem.

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