Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Infowars Sandy Hook fake allegation

I clearly recall at the time that WERE videos going around of crisis actors coming on mainstream news channels at mass shooting incidents, there was irrefutable proof that it WAS in fact happening. I've seen the videos myself. The exact same woman is crying on camera at multiple mass shooting events across the US. No explanation from the mainstream media.

Then Sandy Hook happened, and Alex Jones made references to the crisis actor videos and talked loosely about it, made some mistaken inferences. The mainstream media took it out of context, whipped up into a frenzy, accusing him of calling actual parents of dead kids as fakes. He didn't, it was a fraudulent words-putting-in-mouth act by the MSM. He apologized to the parents immediately for the hurt caused, they published full retractions etc etc, typically more than we can expect from a regular MSM company. It should have ended there, but the MSM convinced some of the parents to start expensive court cases against Infowars. So while that matter is still pending in court, the entire mainstream has already passed judgement on Infowars.

For one mistaken or mis-attributed reporting out of hundreds of thousands. Everyone on the mainstream is deliberately censoring the retractions and apologies and making it look as if he's STILL saying the same wrong thing, when it's long gone, retracted over and over again.

Ah, well, some people have nothing else to do with their lives but hate on others. Nobody's taking CNN, FOX or NYTimes to court for repeatedly accusing Iraq of having WMDs, and a whole host of other lies. Which crazy world are we living in, where multi-million dollar mainstream establishments are completely allowed to make grave mistakes that cause actual wars and destroy entire countries, but self-funded citizen journalists operating at a fraction of the budget must to be lynched for the slightest infraction?? I see rank hypocrisy in these judgements.

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