Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Specific example of FB's collusion with US's Democrat party to scuttle dissent

What Facebook did to two black female middle-aged video bloggers, Diamond and Silk, in April 2018, 

Diamond & Silk accuse Facebook of censorship -Fox News, 2018-04-09

Facebook declared that these two middle-aged African-American women were "a danger to the community" and banned them from reaching out to their million+ subscribers.
There is NOTHING in their work that comes even remotely close to that.

And that's the kind of things Google, Facebook and Twitter have been alleging about completely ordinary people this entire time. Their victims run into the thousands that go unreported. Whenever they boast statistics about removing so many bots, well, guess what, just like what UIDAI does, those statistics contain false positives, and those censored people have NO way of appealing. In this case, Diamond and Silk were fortunate enough to get covered by one mainstream news channel (which all the Democrats and liberals fervently hate and desperately want destroyed, I wonder why?). Then, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a false claim about directly contacting them at a senate hearing, under oath, when no such thing had happened. And it starts with him saying that his company only censors TERRORISTS (which LOL they do not.. ISIS recruited majority of their convenient idiots through social media, not the dark web)

Diamond and Silk react to the Zuckerberg hearing -Fox News, 2018-04-12

and then when they came in for senate testimony a couple of weeks later,

Diamond and Silk Go Off On Rep Sheila Jackson Lee: Don't Try To Mix My Words  4/26/18 -LIVE ON-AIR NEWS, 2018-04-26

See clear as day how a Democrat party senator committed fraud and blatantly accused them of being liars. The 12th of April comes AFTER the 11th of April in the real world, and this elected people's representative accused the two middle aged women of lying for not saying on the 11th about what happened with them on the 12th, as if they are expected to be time travellers. It looks like this lady is 100% confident that her obvious shuffle of facts is going to go completely unreported in the mainstream media.

So please don't tell me that the tech giants and the Democratic party in the US aren't colluding with each other. Mark Zuckerberg gets to say blatant lies while people telling the truth get branded as liars.

And this illegal, fraudulent censorship campaign and the lies surrounding it is not something brand-new that happened just this month with the banning of Infowars -- it's been happening continuously since well before Trump got elected. Many people decided to vote for Trump precisely because they saw how insidious and reckless this Silicon Valley culture censorship was becoming and how happily Obama and Hillary Clinton were supporting it.

Whether Diamond or Silk or PragerU or Ron Paul or Dave Rubin ANY non-controversial but libertarian / conservative voice of which there are thousands now, these tech giants are repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again without even mentioning how many times they've done it : they censor the channel/page for weeks to months. Pages with over a million followers see only a handful people got to read their posts. They deprive them of their earnings so they can't do their work, giving completely nonsensical reasons. (Why did Dave Rubin's "Socialism isn't cool" talk get demonetized? What was there in it that violated community standards?). They accuse everybody who disagrees with their narrative to be Russian bots. Then when the word gets out and the heat turns on, they throw their hands up and say "Oh? We're sorry, that was just a technical glitch!".

Note about the dark-web excuse: people who are on the dark web find out about how ISIS is a creation of the American Deep State, which is also behind all this censorship btw with leftists and socialists blindly cheering on the takeover by the military industrial complex. No Muslim who reads that is going to join ISIS. Anyways the dark web is practically completely blocked in Muslim countries. Instead, several people of all faiths travelled to Syria at this time to FIGHT AGAINST ISIS after finding out what the mainstream was keeping from them. Britain arrested one such woman who joined the world's only all-women army in the fight against ISIS, while ISIS fighters have come back to get free welfare and are roaming freely all over UK and Europe and have since committed so many terrorist acts. So please stop using the "dark web" excuse, you will only reveal how clueless you are about things. ISIS recruited the vast majority of their convenient idiots through mainstream social media platforms with their complete co-operation, not the dark web, sorry.

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