Sunday, August 17, 2014

Frogs in the Pond

The frogs in the pond were without a leader. The laws of nature were clear, and all one had to do was to be mindful and follow them. But the frogs felt the need for an external leader and the Gods sent a log. The frogs were happy. But their happiness was short lived. The log leader was immovable, silent and soon the little frogs were jumping on it and playing hide and seek around it. This leader was too quiet, he never said anything and the naughty frogs made merry. So again the frogs prayed for a strong leader, and this time they were given a crocodile. The frogs were delighted, a leader for our times! this is what we need, a strong leader. The frogs saw his gleaming teeth, his lashing tail, his powerful muscles, and his shiny scales ... aah a leader they could respect at last.

A brilliant take on our times.

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