Thursday, August 21, 2014

ISIS actually wants the world to bomb them

If we could make a handy checklist of what all a militant organisation must do to get themselves bombed to smithereens,

Then ISIS seems to be systematically and sincerely checking every item on that list.

  1. Totally unreal publicized ambitions of conquering and occupying and establishing their version of publicly-declared oppressive rule anywhere and everywhere - check
  2. Using symbols and colours that directly give a message that "look, we are seriously evil people" - check
  3. Extreme versions of Sharia imposed - check
  4. Female mutilations - check
  5. Kidnapping, sex slaving and gangraping of several women - check
  6. Conscripting children as child soldiers - check
  7. Not allowing fleeing populations to even get emergency food and shelter delivered by non-involved charitable organisations - check
  8. Persecution of fringe tribes / sects - check
  9. Mass killings of whole communities - check
  10. Shooting people who aren't even fighting back - check
  11. And most recently : Beheading an American on web video - check

They're practically broadcasting to the whole world a message : "Look! We're so horrible! We're a real threat to all of humanity! Please, come and bomb us to smithereens!"
An apt hindi line is : "Aa bayl, mujhe maar!" (Dear Ox, come and hit me)

No armed group in its right mind would EVER be so God Damned over the top. And these guys are supposedly banned by their religion from ever getting drunk or high!

Any real armed group trying to take over any region always does it under the pretense of justice, rights, freedom, liberation... something that would make it all look justified, instead of chasing the common person away in the opposite direction.
C'mon, even Hitler did whatever he did under the garb of nobility and just cause!

True, they're attracting a lot of crazies from all over the place, and those crazies are the ones having a free run committing so many atrocities with full monetary backing. But there's a logical limit to that number. Those crazies are then being their pawns in this game.. and will be the first to desert and run off as soon as soon as they sense the tides turning against them.

This whole ISIS thing is giving me total Deja-Vu of the Iron Man 3 movie. Yes, it was mostly badly done; but the idea of an extremist Islamic militant group (Mandarin) that is actually a fabrication by the sides who will profit most from any major military actions against that group...
Conveying that message on the big screen was worthy, and really opened many things up.

Iron Man 3:

In the movie, it turns out that this leader is just an actor, and the entire organisation was actually being fabricated and directed by a corporation who happen to be the arms suppliers who will benefit most from military action against this group. For getting that military action sanctioned, they need to do successively worse things, fully publicized, that horrify the general public into giving the public approval. These messages have been emerging from the creative world more and more as increasing numbers 'get' the game at hand : The conflict and strifes of our world are being caused by people who arm both sides, pit them against each other, and benefit from the war, from the scarcity of natural resources, and then the reconstruction.


Time for a little common sense audit. Why the **** would you use a BLACK colour? And dress up all your men in black? This is hardly going to camouflage into the light-brown deserts of the middle-east! Those men are all fair-skinned on top. Just contrast it with the uniforms of the Iraqi / Syrian military. No boss, the ISIS isn't a group that fights and moves only in the dead of the night.

These guys could get picked off by snipers and choppers / planes from miles away! This kind of attire is the very last one any real military commander would order his men to wear. Plus, do you have any idea how hot and sunny it is in that region right now?

And then the logistical impossibility to take out such a cavalcade through vast open FLAT territory, lights beaming, in the one region of the world that's literally the ILAAKAA of American / NATO military aircraft and drones. We know of how overzealous they are when it comes to bombing weddings and funerals on unconfirmed tip-offs in countries like Yemen and Pakistan where they have no sanction whatsoever to do so. Why would you turn your militant force into such easy targets for a highly trigger-happy air force?

The only condition under which such a procession would happen is :: Under the complete assurance and guarantee from up top that they will NOT get bombed from the air or from the places they are going to.

That is, if the ISIS was actually doing this under the orders of, or in full compliance with, Uncle Sam.

Plus.. a militant group that's truly a rag-tag one, if it had truly emerged from the hinterlands of Syria and Iraq, wouldn't have such a standardised state-of-the-art supply of vehicles, weapons, clothes and shoes. Even their shoes are all the same, goddamit. These guys have practically MNC level centralized funding and logistics, no expense spared.

ISIS is a fabrication (albeit a real and deadly one) of the warmongers all right.. following the "Look-we're-horrible-please-bomb-us" checklist religiously. My only logical conclusion from this sequence of events is that they're being used to marinate Iraq and Syria so that Uncle Sam can move in for the feast.. so that a renewed US presence in the region, and from there, invasion of Syria (long put off thanks to Putin's deft diplomatic one-upmanship) and Iran can be done.

The US-dominated global economy is teetering on collapse since the bankster bailout. It's a war economy. It needs war to keep going. And so where there was no real opponent, they've created one, with features literally custom-designed to match whatever was needed of an "enemy".

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