Monday, August 25, 2014

How to control the world's population

All scientific data (unless you call Malthusian quackademics science ) show that the most effective population control is:
a) education
b) social justice, eradication of poverty
c) social security and functional local communities
d) peace and food security
Look at any country with a well established middle class, free and good education, job-security, social security, food-security and peace, and you will see that birth rates are considerably lower than in countries which lack those characteristics, to the extend that birth rates are actually negative. – We have no need for Hitleresque, nor for Malthusian insanity.

Note: By education, I'm sure the person referred to the actual empowerment of human beings with knowledge, skills, wisdom and humanitarian attitudes. Not the forced factory schooling system that does the opposite, and creates a population so bereft of wisdom or imagination that they turn to Hiterlesqu or Malthusian insanity as the way to solve problems.

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