Friday, August 15, 2014

Hamas and Israel leaderships are in cahoots

Hamas and Israel's (extremely right-wing and militarist!) leaderships are also very much in cahoots. Hamas is dutifully violating every ceasefire with pointless rockets shot blindly that no general with even the basic intelligence would consider a good idea. The only logical explanation is that they're doing it under someone's orders, someone who does NOT have the Palestinians' best interests at heart. The purpose is to then give Israel the "self-defense" excuse they need to bombard Gaza, the largest concentration camp in the world where they're not ALLOWING the civilians to evacuate. (Yes, do you really think Israel is defending itself by not allowing civilians to evacuate?)

Israel is the OCCUPIER here, in full contravention of 50+ years of UN resolutions. (but no executive action can be taken by the UN since the US has vetoed them every single time.. check the historical data on UN vetos) Please stop forgetting that. You can't be occupying another country and then when they try to chase you out claim the self-defense excuse. It's like a rapist murdering his victim when she tries to fight him off and then saying he did it in self defense. That might sound extreme but hey, what Israel is doing to Palestinians right now is far, far worse than rape.

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