Monday, August 25, 2014

The main aim of the military industrial complex is to make war happen

The military industrial complex that's calling the shots behind US military actions..

Does not want this side to win or that side to win, in any war.

What is wants is that war should happen. Doesn't matter which side "wins". They need to make war happen.

And so, with that aim in focus,

It now makes perfect business sense..

To fund and empower any and all factions that want to do armed conflict.

They don't need to be making just one side well-defended and armed to the teeth.

Through various different fronts, they can arm even the other sides

And promote and bring to the fore such leaderships among any oppressed peoples

Who will favour violent ways of rebelling against their oppressers rather than non-violent ways.

Their objective is to make war happen.

For that, every side must be militarized.

So now think, if we need to beat such a force, whose main aim is to make war happen,

How would one go about it?

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