Monday, October 12, 2015

A note on the [Rethinking] articles / emails

Sharer's note: My [Rethinking] emails contain matter that might make you really resonate, or might really piss you off, depending on where you're presently standing. It will contain material that questions some or the other aspect of the prevailing status quo, and involves unlearning some long-sacred fundas and examining them from a new perspective (check out NLP). Hence the word "Rethinking". I came across these ideas with an open mind and an attitude of not judging but checking out what's there first, treating it like any other movie or story first, and then imagining and applying. I would advise the same approach to anyone. If you don't really have the leisure to check this out, then you shouldn't have the time to get offended either or even reply to it ;) If you really think there's no point in trying to explain a new thing to other people, then there's simply no point of you replying on the mailing list either.. who are you trying to influence if you don't want others to influence anybody? :P :D. Enjoy the email, and keep in mind that getting offended is a choice, plus something that unsettles us greatly is probably doing so because it's linking to other confusions we already have. On my part, I'm only sharing things that I have found to be true in my experience (why would I otherwise?), but there are many layers to reality and I too never agree with things absolutely all the time.. it's an ongoing journey. I do not have any expectations from your end. But we do have to find the others who also resonate (they mostly reply back privately or tell me when we meet personally, and oh boy we're growing) and make awesome things happen, hence sharing.

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