Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Protesting against use of stereotyping words for victims of gang rape

To : The Editor, 'The Hindu' newspaper and news website

Dear Sir / Madam,

I want to protest about the use of words in the headline for this article:

"BPO staff gang-raped on moving van"
After reading the article, I found out the victim was a 23 year old young woman.

By boxing her off as "BPO staff" you are inviting insensitivity to the
case. It is possible that people who are against "BPO culture" will
treat this case with a "she deserved it" mentality instead of looking
at the humanity and the real human tragedy of the matter. No human
being, period, should have to go through this kind of soul-destroying
ordeal. This girl needs to be treated as a victim, a human being, a
woman. Whether she worked for a BPO or for the CMO or the PMO even
should not be considered at all. When anyone reads this story, when
they look at the headline, they are supposed to get a feeling that it
could easily have been my daughter, my friend, my sister, my cousin in
her place. Your choice of words must not give anybody the excuse to
avoid empathizing with the victim. In fact, this might even promote
further rapes of women, by dehumanizing people employed by BPOs.

At least in the online edition, please immediately change the headline
to something like:
23 year old gang-raped in moving van in Madivala

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