Thursday, October 22, 2015

[Victories] Consumer petitions force world's largest food chain to commit to stop antibiotics meat

It ain't over yet.. they haven't committed to come clean on their outlets outside of USA.

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From: Food Babe
Date: Thu, Oct 22, 2015 at 12:52 AM
Subject: A sudden twist of events. WE DID IT!

I had my bags packed and ready to go to deliver over 250,000 petition signatures with several consumer advocacy groups to Subway headquarters this week but all my plans came to an abrupt halt.

Subway just announced that they have committed to eliminating the use of antibiotics in ALL of their meat in the U.S. – and they also provided a timeline.

It's never felt so good to cancel my plans!

We did it! This is a huge victory!

None of this could have happened without you and the incredible consumer advocacy groups I've been working with.

Working together we can move mountains and we've just moved the largest fast food chain in the world. This announcement is going to send shock waves through the entire meat industry! It will take time, but major progress is being made.

Read about the juicy details and events that led up to this breaking announcement here.

It's people like you that are willing to take the simple act of signing a petition and sharing it, that is truly changing the food landscape in this country.

Just a few short months ago, Subway was silent on this issue and didn't want to take a stand, and now everything has changed because of you making your voice heard!

No matter who you are – vegan, vegetarian, or organic foodie – you could be infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria, which kills about 23,000 Americans every year.

Getting the overuse of antibiotics off of our farms is a crucial step in preventing thousands of illnesses caused by superbugs.

The power of consumer activism continues to amaze me.

I thank Subway on behalf of many for addressing this very critical public health issue. Can't wait to see the other dominos start to fall. Who do you want to see next? Tell me in the comments of this post!

Sending you all a virtual HIGH FIVE and lots of love!!! Thank you for making history with me, once again!



P.S. If you've got information about the food industry you can't share publicly, we are always open to hearing from you – I want to learn everything I can to project the public interest. Simply reply to this email or use this contact form and select "whistle-blow" as the reason. I thank you for your courage in advance.

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