Monday, October 12, 2015

Story: the fox and the village

In a small village in India, a little fox told its father of his desire to eat human flesh. Next day father fox managed to get some pig meat (pork) and offered to his son. But the little fox didn't have it. Then the father fox managed to get some cow meat (beef) and offered it. The little fox declined to eat that as well. The stubborn  little fox was adamant that he will not settle for anything other than human meat.

That night the father fox left the pork in the front of a masjid and the beef in the front of a temple. By next day morning the entire village was filled with dead human bodies.

The little fox ate human meat for a week and was so happy his father managed to get so much human meat.

The story might be hypothetical, but the Fox is for real.

(Forwarded over whatsapp groups)

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