Tuesday, October 13, 2015

China's vacant homes could accommodate all of India's homeless with plenty left over

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14. Ghost Towns.

About 65 million homes sit vacant in China. This includes some entire towns that are completely devoid of people and they sit empty. These aren't old houses and towns that died out. They are new cities and houses that were built in expectation of a population boom expanding into them that never happened.

Another source pegs the number of vacant homes in China at 52 million. That's 5.2 crore homes.

Just to get this in context, A 2001 census reported that 78 million (ie, 7.8 crore) people across India were living without a home, many in overcrowded urban environments. (source)

Obviously they don't have any ambitions to "take over" any neighboring country. If they ever did, people would rush in!

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