Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ISIS's fake roots, and how it is being deliberately allowed to have internet outreach and to recruit fighters
(please read the article in full before reading below)

Please don't treat me like I was born yesterday. This is no lone wolf,
this is NOT a person pulling pranks. Rather, I suspect this boy (20
yrs old, please!) is being made a scapegoat. All the activities
attributed to him don't make sense.. it's the handiwork of an expert
team tasked specifically with spreading hatred and disinformation in
addition to recruiting for ISIS, not some teenager's ramblings.

My hypothesis is that all the fake online postings : ISIS recuiter,
white supremacist, feminist, Palestine hater.. all were traced back
and found to be coming from the same source. Up till here the findings
are true. There IS an agency at work doing the ideological equivalent
of supplying weapons to all sides of the conflict in this information
war. But the next step : identifying that source : that's where
they've failed. They likely traced it to a spoofed IP address and so
this boy has been set up, or is only one of the larger team doing it.
I'm inclined to think he's been set up. The case at hand is the
handiwork of seasoned experts.

This is one crucial piece of evidence pointing to the possibility that
ISIS is a creation of the very people who want to go to war against
it. For justifying their war and saving their sinking economy.

With the NSA practically owning the internet, having clearly exhibited
its powers to shut down, censor and hound anyone as in Wikileaks'
example, knowing all the revelations made by the Snowden leaks, there
is no way ISIS's internet outreach would have been allowed to get to
its present proportions without the NSA deliberately letting it
happen. I was previously under the assumption that they're only using
underground networks and cannot be traced and that the people visiting
their sites, forums must be religiously (pls forgive the pun!) doing
so through Tor network and other proxies and avoiding leaking their
original IP addresses etc. But Twitter and Facebook pages? Are you
freakin' kidding me?? That's above-ground territory! Instantly
traceable! These guys should have been picked up after the very first
round of posts! The people visiting them, pressing Like / retweet /
reply, would also be instantaneously identified.

Someone "likes" an adverse comment about a bandh called upon the
passing away of a deceased Indian leader, and they can get arrested by
Indian police immediately. And you're telling me that the most
sophisticated police and military powers on the planet are not able to
do anything about ISIS's open online presence?

And videos >> Youtube >> also under full governmental control! Please!
Their automated systems can flag me if I post a filming of a college
dance on a bollywood song, identifying the exact song that was
playing. Are you seriously telling me they can't identify ISIS's
videos and cut them off? Hello ?!

Curiously, the movie Iron Man 3 depicted this very idea before ISIS
arose. Did the scriptwriters catch a meme from an ongoing scripting

Then, coming to all the reportage in the mainstream media about
children of Muslims immigrants living in Western countries, in India
etc being lured and brainwashed by ISIS. Now, the vast majority of
these idiots don't even know about how to browse the internet's
underground undetected. They're presumably checking out these things
in completely identifiable ways, through their genuine facebook,
twitter etc accounts, traceable right back to their homes.

Besides, if they knew how to browse the internet's underground, they
would have stumbled upon ISIS's real motives by now. If they cannot
figure out that ISIS is being funded and controlled by vested central
powers who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks in their name and then used it
as justification to cause all the carnage in the middle east, if they
cannot see through that ISIS is not a genuine Islamist movement; if
they have not seen even one of the 100s of underground indie
documentaries exposing the western imperialist agenda through the
rigged war on terror, then I'm sorry, they're idiots.

Which means : The governments of all the countries crying hoarse about
ISIS recruiting their migrant muslims' kids, know full well that those
kids are being courted by ISIS. If they wanted to, they could detect
and stop them and reform them after literally the first click. At the
vert least, they could easily place them under house arrest without
access to internet and provide counselling. Which means these
governments are ALLOWING misguided Muslim youths to get brainwashed
and then join ISIS as recruits. This is Entrapment.

And then we come to strategy. Now whether you agree or disagree about
what the reality behind ISIS is, you will have to agree with this :
Looking at the situation on the ground, the best, most effective way
on this planet to stop ISIS from getting more recruits, to stop this
insurgency from getting out of hand, to fail them in their quest, is
by spreading the idea far and wide that ISIS is a US sponsored CIA
front and is deliberately doing what it's doing to provide
justification to USA and allies for doing more war that will only kill
more Muslims. This meme, irrespective of accuracy, would dry ISIS up
faster than anything else. If any country was genuinely serious about
stopping ISIS, they would have been spreading this idea wildly by now.
But they're not (apart from Russia who are promoting this over RT).
Not because they're honest-to-goodness, but because they WANT a war.

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