Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Hindu-Muslim couple walks into a bar...

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A Hindu-Muslim couple walked into a bar. Like it happens in the marriage courts of India, the bartender told them that he cannot serve them if they're from different religions. The one option that does exist: most bartenders of the country don't even know about it; and under that the bartender will first call the parents of the duo and find out if they have any objection to these two having drinks together (!!). To avoid all this, the quickest way for them to get to their drinks was by having one of them converting into the other's religion. Even in that, converting one way was easier than converting the other way. The couple picked the easiest option, got their drinks, and when they walked out of the bar to go home, were attacked by some local organization's members for committing Love Jihad. A vendor sitting across the street watching all of this, said to his friend, "Funny. How in the world does having some drinks together have anything at all to do with religion?"

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