Friday, October 3, 2014

What Facebook is doing

Facebook is doing things far worse than just plastering ads all over our facebook browsing sessions.

Pages and users who regularly share posts that challenge the mainstream media and the status quo, who share what could turn out upon sincere investigation to be  inconvenient truths that implicate many major world leaders and corporate elites in crimes against society, are being censored and suppressed without being informed at first, and then getting "community guidelines violation" warnings for politically inconvenient posts. Many pages have been shut down already. Many of the people who have "Liked" these pages, don't see any updates from them if Facebook's internal algorithms decide that the person hasn't commented or liked any of their posts in a certain period of time. After doing that, Facebook has been found telling the page admins that they can PAY-to-SHARE, to have their posts displayed on the general feeds of the people who are already subscribed to them.

This is the equivalent of Gmail informing you that the email you just sent to your friends.. won't show up in their inboxes unless you pay Gmail some money.
There are also internal censoring mechanisms that are preventing people from sharing links to sites that have content questioning the status quo. These are bracketed in the same category as pornography etc.

So, Facebook is quickly becoming a thought police for the dominant status quo of the world. It is preventing the free and open exchange of ideas.

Facebook censorship : proof from a popular page's admins of how so many of their posts are being blocked or prevented from being read by their fans.

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