Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My cup of tea

I really need to get conscious and cautious about which cup of tea I'm taking.

Because I'm finding out that I have a much bigger negative reaction to the wrong cup of tea, than most others do.

One cannot blame those offering me the cup of tea... they are used to people who can get along with any cup. In fact, I'm feeling guilty at not being able to satisfactorily gulp down the cup of tea offered so genuinely and generously by people who have no idea of how badly I might react.. how blocked and unable to continue further I might get.

And yep, one can't fully blame the taker either : how am I supposed to know while taking the cup of tea that somewhere down the line it won't settle with me? Or I it? These myriad cups and teas are quite complicated.

Or maybe I need to make myself adapt better to the cups of tea that come my way.

Maybe I need to stop taking, or even checking out multiple cups at the same time.

Maybe while I'm busy drinking one cup, I should avoid getting distracted by the other cups of tea passing by, and focus on the one in hand.

And yet, I can't bring myself to settle on any one particular cup of tea yet. This one might work, but so might that one.

Maybe I need to spend some time without having any cup of tea.

Maybe I need to do all that I have suggested. And temper the extents as per the situation.

In case you're wondering what the heck this post is about, I'll give you a hint : It's not about tea.

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