Thursday, October 16, 2014

Need for opinion decentralization of a political movement

This is a part of a longer conversation, and is my personal feedback to AAP Pune city team on a matter of endorsing a call for stopping GM field trials. What's expressed here goes into deeper, more elemental matters that have bearing on a lot of other things. Of course, it's part of a larger conversation so there are many other angles in the matter as well.

If you still have concerns and still need even more precaution or a tempering down of the statement as a typical Agricultural College would want, then I'd say just forget about the whole thing. I believe that if the city level and state level AAP teams do not have this much autonomy and end up having their wings clipped using the excuse of being fully in sync with Delhi team, then AAP's really going to get reduced to toothlessness and high command culture. This much extent of precautionary behaviour is dangerous for the movement; we need to draw a line somewhere. Get bolder and take a call on something that might affect the well-being of your and my loved ones much before it affects the people sitting in Delhi. If you don't, then AAP doesn't have any legitimacy of people's representation in Pune or Maharashtra.

And after seeing the Supreme Court's verdict on Koondankulam and other such matters, I have decided that it's not in our best interests to defer to its judgements as a measure of what is right and what is wrong. So I disagree with that decision making mechanism too. These matters are "multi-layered", and the objective reference point we're looking for simply does not exist. We cannot escape the moral obligation of choosing what to believe in by just letting official verdicts make our decisions for us.

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