Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Infinite growth mentality applied to Bakri-Eid

The traditions of Bakri-Eid, like most traditions around the world involving animal-slaughter or hunting.. were for another time, when the population ratios were very different, when most of the people in question practiced animal husbandry as a primary or secondary occupation.

To do the exact same thing right now also, without any regulation, any rethinking or restraint, is wrong. There needs to be a much broader dialogue around this. I don't think either banning or not banning is a solution. A common understanding needs to be developed.

Closer to home, it was painful for me to one day pass a gated ground a few days before Eid, in the peth areas, where thousands of goats had been crammed in. I drove by there daily, so knew that this wasn't a regular place where goats are reared : this was a ground used for other purposes. It was a sea of helpless bleats. I'm opposed to this infinite-growth mentality applied to Bakri-Eid just the same as I'm opposed to the infinite-growth mentality applied to the meat industry. The Muslim community needs to start talking about this, needs to make some changes. Delaying that talk in the name of religion is only serving to demonize them even more in this already polarizing climate.

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