Thursday, October 23, 2014

I am left handed

I am left handed. I was born that way. I cannot write or do delicate
tasks with my right hand no matter how much I try, whereas my left
hand can do them easily. Since holding the tumbler is better done by
my left hand, obviously I use my right hand when I have to wash myself
during daily morning routines. Now that would really offend some of my
more religious fellow humans, as our traditions of taking prasad,
doing puja etc with the right hand have evolved with the assumption
that the entire population is right-handed only. So I have take care
to keep that little detail private and not tell anybody. Still, I have
to eat, write etc with my left hand only and that is visible to all..
it's impossible to hide.

Should the majority of the population which is right-handed, consider
me to be a threat to their way of life? Should they all look down upon
me, treat me as sub-human because of my left-handedness? What if I was
also persecuted for being born left-handed the same way a minority of
the general population is born LGBT? And would it be OK to demand that
I make all the efforts to change to being right-handed just to make
the rest of the right-handed people comfortable?

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