Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Are you sure you anger is directed at the true perpetrator of the crime?

Posted as a comment under several comments under a graphic on FB of a rape victim in Iran who was charged and hanged recently, instead of punishing her attacker. Link.
Due regrets and prayers for her. However, I see her case now being used as part of a grand buildup to justify war on Iran and Islam in general. So, here's my comment:

Similar to the buildup of demonization of Jews in the leadup to World War 2, there is an ongoing campaign around the world right now to demonize Islam. Have a problem? Muslims are the cause : remove them and then we'll all live happily. My ass. Needless to say, injustice is committed by brutal societies that use religions like the Fractional Reserve banking system, Capitalism, Communism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam etc to justify their brutality. (List written in decreasing order of atrocities committed or associated empirically, in modern history. And yes, they're ALL religions that justify themselves to be true based on their own books and theories and grossly warped understandings of reality) The current economic paradigm of infinite growth : the one we're bring distracted from, the one our governments are committed to, has been committing structural violence and slaughtering millions of people more than any backward Sharia court can. Acknowledge the badness of one, but please don't do it while ignoring the big fat elephant in the room. 

In Iran's case in particular, there is an ongoing campaign by the world's elite to invade and bomb the country, to reduce it to rubble, to keep the Dollar unchallenged as the world's primary currency and to keep the defaulting fractional banking system going through increased expenditures in war and reconstruction. Disaster creates economic growth, so let's create more disasters. Iran has never invaded any other country in all its modern history. USA has invaded practically everyone.

In any case, to all the people in this comments wall who are claiming at all of Islam is evil : I better not find YOU one day slaughtering innocents or supporting people who slaughter innocents. You know that little 3 year old in the Muslim slum community near your society? Guess what : She didn't murder Atefah. Neither did her parents or her neighbours. The Muslims of India didn't kill Atefah. The entire population of Iran also didn't murder Atefah. A few corrupt leaders did. The people of Iran are as guilty of having such leaders as we Indians are of having a country that has the highest number of criminals in Parliament; that sexually abuses 50% of its children (and guess what the majority of the abusers' religion is?), that has the largest number of malnourished children on the planet . It's true. If you want to call India a predominantly Hindu nation, then it means that Hinduism is the largest child-molester and the largest child-murderer in the world. And Hinduism specializes in female child murdering. 

Unless you choose to call the bluff and STOP associating every single thing with someone's religion. 

Which would mean that Hinduism doesn't murder women, and neither does Islam. 

Atefah isn't a victim of Islam; she's a victim of a corrupted judiciary and government that has hijacked Islam to make themselves all-powerful. If the people of India are not guilty for all of the atrocities happening in our country, because we don't have control over the matter, then the same rule applies universally. So, please watch yourselves : You had better not turn into the very monsters that you claim to be against.

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