Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fwd: One of the most unique and radical ways to bring forward new technology to the world.

From FixTheWorld Project, who are co-developing a Quantum Energy Generator (QEG)

If there was only one device, and it reached self-running, it would be
easy to control, contain and suppress. If the knowledge of how to
build one was kept a secret and not made public, it would be easy to
control, contain and suppress. If only one mind or one research lab in
one country was working on something, it would be easy to control,
contain and suppress. This is what has happened many times with many
devices in the past. The QEG is birthing its way into our society in a
completely different way.

First, we set up a secure foundation in order to anchor the project in
as many areas as possible. This took time to do. It has been a year,
and in this time millions of people know about the QEG, hundreds of
thousands have downloaded the plans, and hundreds have engaged their
technical minds to focus on one solution. Over 70 QEG's have been
physically built in many different countries around the world. Many of
which have gotten to the same point of development. The project is now
fully anchored in our society in a way that cannot be undone.

During this time, we've had the "shake out" of weaker willed tactics,
a head on clashing of old and new paradigm ways. The old system threw
everything they had at this opensourced project and tried to stop
humanity's movement forward. Some followed the old ways and fell to
the side, what we are left with is the cream of the crop of open
minded forward thinking engineers.

These engineers are a diverse group networked across many different
countries, all of whom are in co-development with us. Co-development
requires persistence, follow through, discipline, humility, applied
wisdom, an open mind and good consistent communication. These
characteristics are what creates the strength needed to overcome the
suppression. We have been building a foundation of knowledge,
infrastructure, and strengthened communication that will be able to
fully support the change that this applied technology will bring to
our society.

In the beginning, we thought that this would be easier than it was. We
thought we could do it alone. What we have learned is that this
breakthrough does not belong to one person, one family, or one
country. It belongs to all of humanity. We now understand why this
project has unfolded in the way that it has. If we would have achieved
self-running at any point in the recent past, it may have been under
the wrong set of circumstances as the project was still vulnerable. We
realize now that we needed to allow the rest of the engineers and
human consciousness to establish their own foundations in this project
so that they could contribute in their own way. As part of this
process, we want to do all that we can to help others and share as
much knowledge as we can. This is why we are teaching classes, so that
as many people as possible will have the best possible tools to be
ready for what is to come.

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