Friday, September 25, 2015

Things that India needs for being a better democracy

Things that India needs for being a better democracy:

1. Jury in judiciary. We need juries in our courtrooms : Not just
judges. The British didn't install the function of a jury when they
created India's present court system, because they didn't want
citizens to decide anything. That reasoning is no longer valid. To
hammer in the irony, UK itself has jury in their court system! We need
to get back to honoring the authority of the group of anonymous

2. Petitions to create bills or call referendums : Figure out how many
people we need at municipal level, state level, national level. And
have a provision such that even if no lawmaker is bringing it, people
can force introductions of bills. And on decisions made by government,
a high enough number of people petitioning against it can force a
referendum on the issue.

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