Thursday, September 10, 2015

Is the Delhi government really only picking fights and not doing any work?

Hi Friends,
Following some renewed questions-cum-allegations, here are two blogs
you can see and follow if you want to test the mainstream's (and
perhaps your own) working hypothesis that the Delhi State govt (I'm
referring to the elected one, not the LG who has recently officially
declared that he himself is the government of Delhi) is only picking
fights with the Centre and not really doing any work.

While it's not a fair substitute, still, if you prefer videos to text,
then subscribe to these:

And if there's a question about the lack of outreach, do remember that
political leaders don't typically talk on TV for over 12 hours a day..
they say a few things and then the media is supposed to convey it to
us with timely repetitions. That crucial link in the chain appears to
be lacking a bit here. Despite there being ample footage of
considerable length and having highly detailed in-depth content,
despite it being freely available online, on our channels it seems
we're only seeing other people talking about what this guy or that guy
spoke at a very superficial level and then launching into their own
speculations; even newspapers it seems aren't bothering to carry
transcripts of interviews that have since long been in public domain.

(after which we complain about there not being much real content in
news channels or papers these days.. well guess why that is!)

Again, important to note that anyone actually bothering to check for
the facts before repeating the common allegations of inaction or only
fights-picking or absence of communication would have easily found all
this stuff.. the only thing stopping us from finding out what's
happening is our indoctrinated conviction that nothing is happening.

After we're done going through a few of the top posts in the blogs, it
might be a nice thing to think aloud and ask, "Why am I not
reading/watching about most of this in the regular news?". That's a
very good question to be asking. Yet another good question might be
"Why is my own state's govt that recently got elected on a poll
promise of drastically improving governance.. not doing even the most
basic no-brainer of these measures even when they have full control
over land and police, considerably greater finances and resources,
etc?" And maybe, just maybe, these two open questions might answer
each other.

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