Friday, September 11, 2015

[Rethinking] Talking about 9/11

I've known since 2009 about the doubts surrounding the official 9/11
story. Watching one underground documentary opened up a rabbit hole,
and subsequently I found a lot more things leading one to another
which ultimately booted me out of the status quo life I'd been living
and started me on a journey to find out more about what's happening in
the world. Over the past 6 years, more and more evidence has emerged,
and grassroots movements have emerged for getting the truth out, most
notably groups comprising the kin of the people who died in the 9/11
attacks or those who were at the scene and witnessed it all, who are
not buying the official story and want to know what really happened.

While the mainstream has been religiously debunking anyone who dares
to raise questions, there's mounting details that the debunkers are
not being able to satisfactorily explain away. Let's just say that the
idea of so many coincidences happening randomly at the exact same
moment is quickly losing crediblity. And combined with global
geopolitical events from the attacks till present day, seeing the
events that have unfolded in hindsight, things are converging and
re-affirming that there is something amiss with the official 9/11
story as has been put forward by the governments and the mainstream.
So, here's an email welcoming you to explore some inconvenient

I'll share some links with you that I found quite dedicated in
bringing forth the details.

Here are some videos, short followed by long, which open up the case:

A tongue-in-cheek 5-min intro:

Going a bit more into detail, this 12 min video was the first time a
major TV news channel aired something about the issue aside from

And for the long haul, here is "September 11 : The New Pearl Harbor" :
the most comprehensive documentary I have seen on the topic yet,
laying out the details and solidly countering all the debunkings so
far. It's in 3 parts, 5 hours in total.

Going into intricate text and image details, here is a 567-slide
slideshow which for me was most important in understanding about this
issue (it came long before the documentary I mentioned just earlier).

The same slideshow is walked through in this video with narration:

And if it helps, I'll just share that I've seen all of these, as well
as many debunking arguments, and I've shared with you whatever in my
personal quest I've found legit as of now.

There are a LOT more valuable links as well as sources going into
deeper details that I won't share here as I don't want to overload
readers of this email.

This is also an invitation to put down the "conspiracy theory" labels
for a while so that you can really take in arguments from the
non-status-quo side without feeling scared or guilty about it, after
which you can decide for yourself.

On the wider meta level, some messages that have stood out for me are:
1. Do not let fear control you.
2. Never give up your liberties in exchange for more security.
3. Religions or any particular religion, have not caused the major
problems in the world. They're the decoys. Gandhi was bang-on right
about there being good in all the faiths. It's the same old greed and
the desire to control everything that's causing these problems : the
same stuff that's causing environmental degradation too btw. So the
outputs vary but the inputs to our many problems are the same.
4. The real enemy will never be the one banging at the gates.. those
are the diversions. It will be the one creeping up from the inside and
offering to protect you if you agree to hand over your agency to it.
5. Over-centralization of structures and concentration of decision
making powers is what has hijacked the mainstream media and made them,
the supposed messengers of truth for the world, become the
representatives and agents of our oppression. Ask any
journalist/editor friend of yours about the culture of silence on
selected topics in their organization. The solution is to decentralize
and sacrifice efficiency for humanity.
6. It IS important to challenge the conventional models of how the
world works and how people's minds work. Misunderstanding of these
have gotten us into these troubles.
7. Our reality is neither 100% fixed nor 100% variable.. it's a bit of both.
8. Truth does exist and is worth searching for; and intuition,
connecting with the inner self, plays a very important role in this.

On the immediate geopolitical context, I think that the Muslims of the
world deserve to know that it wasn't really "their people" who
committed these attacks and nor is it their religion that has some
fundamental flaw in it; that their motherlands have in fact been raped
for no genuine reason, that the guilt collectively imposed on them is
fake, and crucially, that the ISIS which is recruiting their young by
exploiting these hurts has also been funded, organized and unleashed
by the same people who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks : the same people
who have benefited from over a decade of nonstop war and who want to
keep the wars going on as long as possible. From what all I've learnt
about human nature, I diverge from the standard western models of
revenge-as-default-attitude, and believe that Truth when it finally
comes out has always led to peace and reconciliation.

Moreover, whether one can actually make any difference at the macro
scale or not (and yes, it is being made), expanding one's perspectives
and an exposure to how coverups could work and how governments could
behave when they want to grab more power, builds up our resistance to
further trickery, identify historically repeating patterns, brings new
insights not commonly got, and empowers us to see through things that
might otherwise fool the uninformed. (like, say, knowing better than
to fall for a glitzy high-expense corporate-funded election campaign)

So, inviting you to check out this rabbit hole!

And about the forthcoming REPLIES (being the reason why so many of
your friends despite knowing about this all privately, are still
afraid share openly about this):
This subject has already seen arguably the largest volume of ridicule,
debunking, character assassinations, name-calling, social isolations,
threats, career destructions, real assassinations, etc in all of
modern human history. So if you want to repeat the same things again
as the self-appointed policeman defending an already all-powerful
status quo that honestly doesn't need your help, then please feel free
to do so; but I won't waste my time on replying, as the answers are
already well-documented and out there as well as probably fully
covered in the documentary I have linked if only you cared to see it.
I might just ask you to continue reading/watching where you left off.

But if you want to have a real and respectful conversation about this
topic, then I'll be happy to talk further. I'm in Pune.. maybe we
could organize a shared viewing or discussion or something. Personally
I like to take my time and pause documentaries every few minutes and
watch them in privacy, so I'm not a big fan of screenings right now.

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