Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Is AAP a creation of the media?

With a little bit of logical processing, this statement being shoved onto audiences nowadays by the Indian mainstream media, pretty much eats itself. Let me explain how :

If a certain political entity, created for the purpose of contesting for and the government of a country...
If such a political entity actually is a creation of the media, ie, if it orginated in corporate boardroom desks and did not emerge from the people,

Then the media that created it, will NEVER acknowledge it.
Because such an acknowledgement would be nothing less than a confession to complicity in a mass fraud perpetrated on the people of the country, by the institutions that have been entrusted with the duty of simply reporting to the people what is happening in their country. It would be an admission that they have lied to the people, for the express purpose of making the bad guys their rulers.

So, any person speaking on behalf of a TV news channel or newspaper...

That claims to that a certain political party was CREATED by them...

..Will invite legal and criminal proceedings upon his/her media entity, which if proven will permanently shut that entity down and end its members' careers for good. Because it will be a case of fake news reporting; fraud perpetrated on the people by a medium that had been trusted to give them real news.

Because of this simple chain of cause-effect, if the media ever does do such a thing, they will never, ever publicize it. It will be the equivalent of a person in government proudly showing off how much money he/she has siphoned off in so and so scam, or at a lower level, a burglar showing off to the whole town whose house he just robbed and how much did he loot.

So, what to make of the current allegations being brazenly put forth by a large part of the Indian media that they created the AAP?

Simple : If it were true, they wouldn't be saying it.
The only available deduction here is that they are lying.

But one would wonder where  the seed of saying something like this came from... well, you don't need to look much further; just look at a similar statement that the media is NOT saying, is steadfastly denying or ignoring. Here's my little educated guess:

Narendra Modi's perfect-for-PM image is the creation of the media.

Addendum: Here's an interesting possibility:
Someone ought to file a PIL against the media organisations that are claiming that AAP is a creation of the media.
If they're telling the truth, those mediapersons / organisations have committed fraud with the people.
If they're lying, those mediapersons / organisations are committing fraud with the people.
Either way, they're lying to the people!

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