Sunday, March 23, 2014

Initial draft of my resignation letter to teach for india

Just came across this while going through out my google drive folder. While the final version was something I can't yet easily share, this one might help explain some of it to friends who have gotten to know me after mid-2012. This was a draft and I had asked a friend to co-write it with me over google docs. I particularly like the last note! 

Drop me an email if you wanna find out more... and here's an abstracted explanation in a video : My Experiences with Education and TFI
Hi _____, Please help me draft my resignation letter!

Dear whoever-reads-this,

I'd like to be thankful for all the great experiences I've had in TFI. blah blah yada yada....

I've found out that I have some irreconcilable differences with the leadership above the PM level, including but not limited to the question of taking responsibility and being accountable for one's own actions which I just don't see happening.

Because of this, I don't think there's anything to stop the circumstances that created the last major issue (wrongful termination of a Fellow) from repeating. Indeed, over the progress of that case it has emerged that it wasn't a one-off and there have been many incidences and outcomes (particularly the last round of recruitment among 10ers) that are not in keeping with our core values as well as basic professional expectations. It's beyond my tolerance levels to co-exist with all this and beyond my locus of control to change any of this.

Added to this is a frustrating lack of any visible willingness to implement a ton of really good feedback that I'm seeing collecting dust while the same ways that have worked so far are repeated without due consideration given to new potentials. I'm seeing bureaucracy slowly and steadily snuffing out innovation.

These are only my personal views and are of course hotly debated but I can't get rid of them without erasing a part of myself. I can only foresee more conflicts arising out of these differences and judging from all that has happened in the past 1 month, I can tell it will hamper my performance as a Teach for India Fellow. Therefore, I think it will only be fair for my children if I finish this year and leave and another Fellow comes in my place from next year. It's regrettable that I wouldn't be able to finish 2 years or implement some things I'd wished to, but I think it's for the best.

I'm really grateful for all the blah blah... I also apologize for any inconvenience that I have caused to anyone in the progress of this year.

What it should ultimately mean:
F**k you all, I'm outta here.


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