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Mano ya Na-Mo FAQ 1 - Why do you only talk about 2002? What about Congress and 1984?

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Q1 . Why do you only talk about 2002? What about Congress and 1984?

Both 1984 and 2002 were riots of genocidal proportions and are,
therefore, indefensible. Communal violence against any group,
organized by any party (especially one in position of power and
responsible for protecting the citizens) is a moral as well as
criminal offence. However, there are reasons why a voteagainst the BJP
is a stronger vote against communal violence:

- BJP has enabled the rise of a man who is arguably the chief
perpetrator of large-scale, targeted and horrific violence to the high
pedestal of prime ministerial candidate, which is not true of any of
the other parties with equally brutal histories of communal violence.
Also, there is evidence linking Modi's right-hand man Amit Shah to the
recent violence in Muzaffarnagar, where the latter is known to be
building a Narendra Modi Army.

- BJP has an explicit ideological commitment to communal politics. A
majoritarian politics of excluding, marginalizing and ultimately
eliminating minorities is at the heart of BJP's nationalist agenda and
the stated goal of many BJP leaders. Under the Vajpayee rule, not only
did the BJP government oversee the genocidal violence against Muslims
in Gujarat, Christians in Jharkhand,Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh
were regularly brutalized.

- A vote for BJP today is a vote for majoritarian politics of hate.
Modi has delivered numerous speeches humiliating minorities before he
was declared the Prime Ministerial candidate. Several other leaders
and party members still use foul language and tactics of physical
intimidation to crush the marginalized and the dissenters. Vocal and
physical violence, both everyday and large-scale, is what Modi's
party, and the man himself, stand for.

Brought to you by the NOMOre Campaign, 'Mano ya Na-Mo' is a
pre-election series which aims to bust the myths perpetuated by
Narendra Modi. We challenge his empty rhetoric with hard facts, so
that voters can cast an informed vote. NOMOre Lies! NOMOre false
#NOMOre_2014 NOMOre

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