Monday, March 24, 2014

Fwd: AAP Weekly Email Newsletter: 17th Mar to 23rd Mar 2014

Forwarding AAP's newsletter... some very interesting videos and articles linked here. Indians, make sure you vote in this election. Hit the "None of the Above" button if nothing else. It's inconvenient but we do have a chance through our participation this year to put a stop to further inconveniences and making national elections less life-and-death matters in the years to come.

Cheers, Nikhil

From: Aam Aadmi Party <>
Date: Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 1:30 AM
Subject: AAP Weekly Email Newsletter: 17th Mar to 23rd Mar 2014

AAP Weekly Email Newsletter: 17th Mar to 23rd Mar 2014


Storify facts and AAP blogs (click on link to view):

How voting for the BJP will bring back Congress to power

Corrupt and Criminals given tickets in BJP Lok Sabha nominations

Arvind Kejriwal's AAP Rally in Mumbai : A Photographer's Perspective - AAP blog

The AAP effect on Indian politics

AAP Articles this week (click on link to view):

AAP manifesto high on women's safety, minority rights - Hindustan Times 22nd Mar

AAP Ousts Two Members on Corruption Concerns - Wall Street Journal Mar 21st

Politically Inspired Technology - The AAP's platform - Economic Times Blog Mar 21st

AAP releases ninth list of candidates - The Hindu 21st Mar

AAP Delhi government resignation revisited - Economic Times Blog 18th Mar

AAP gears up for rally in Varanasi - Mar 19th Times of India

Aam Aadmi Party fundraiser collects Rs 50 lakh - Indian Express Mar 17th

AAP on TV this week (click on link to view):

ABP News Live: BJP afraid of AAP? Mar 21st ABP News

Arvind Kejriwal interview ABP News - Mar 19th

Tarkash with Rajmohan Gandhi - Rajya Sabha TV - 19th Mar

Gul Panag Interview On P7 News - 20th Mar

Arvind Kejriwal speech Bangalore - 17th Mar

AAP is a bit like the Bajaj Pulsar: Rajiv Bajaj - NDTV 24x7 19th Mar


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