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Mano ya Na-Mo FAQ-4 - Isn’t Narendra Modi the best option we have?

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Q. Isn't Narendra Modi the best option we have?

This of course depends on your individual social location – If
Narendra Modi's stint as Chief Minister is anything to go by, his rule
has been good for the super rich and urban elite but the urban poor
continue to remain poor and people in the rural areas have been
subject to state violence and extreme distress. Fisher folk in coastal
areas and other marginalised groups have been dispossessed of their
land land and news of farmer suicides regularly emerge from the
state. Minorities, especially Muslims, have been subjected to violence
and intimidation well beyond 2002 when at least thousands were raped
and/or butchered. Here are some more reasons why Modi is far from
being the best:

-The so-called development for which Modi's rule put so many lives
at stake is largely a hoax. Gujarat's growth rate under Modi is
significantly lower than under the previous non-Modi regimes. In the
same period that Gujarat was run by Modi, Tamil Nadu and Maharastra
registered higher GDP. Gujarat's growth rate for the period between
2004 and 2012 is 3.4%, lower than both Tamil Nadu and Maharastra and
significantly lower than Bihar's 6.5%.

-If Modi is contesting for the top-post he has to respect democratic
principles of governance but his past record shows scant respect for
the same. The Gujarat Assembly runs on an average of 30-32 per year.
The state had not had a Lokayukta for 10 years when the High Court
cleared the candidature for one of its own retired judges in January
2013. But in April 2013, the Gujarat assembly gave the government all
the powers vested with the Lokayukta, rendering the position
toothless. If today Modi has a 'clean' image this is no small part
because the institution to keep corruption in check was crushed by his

-Documented evidence collected by state and UN organisations show no
increase in employment levels in the last 12 years, poor public
education infrastructure, high rates of malnourishment among infants
and adult women, skewed sex ratios, higher incidents of crime against

Brought to you by the NOMOre Campaign, 'Mano ya Na-Mo' is a
pre-election series which aims to bust the myths perpetuated by
Narendra Modi. We challenge his empty rhetoric with hard facts, so
that voters can cast an informed vote. NOMOre Lies! NOMOre false
#NOMOre_2014 NOMOre

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