Sunday, March 23, 2014

My resignation letter when leaving my corporate job in 2010

Holy crap, I just came across my resignation letter for leaving TCS, back in 2010. NO, there wasn't any controversy here!
The stuff I've written in there... well, back then I had no idea how things would pan out, I certainly didn't fully believe in what I was writing... it was just a gut feeling. Now... hmmm!


Dear Sir/Madam,

My time in Tata Consultancy Services has been a very fruitful experience. In the past 2.5 years I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn and work  to my full potential in your esteemed company.

But over the past few months, several developments have taken place in my life. In participating in and organizing community and environment-related events with TCS Maitree, I have been exposed to several new things and a calling for which I feel I must act. After taking release from my project, I tried searching for projects in TCS where I can contribute my time in building a better future for ourselves rather than the usual ventures, which though great in themselves, won't satisfy my passion. Unfortunately I have so far been unable to find anything in my limited reach within TCS, and with pressure from HR coming to a conflict situation, I'm faced with a difficult decision.

It is a very personal decision on my part to, from now on, only work towards something good for our shared future. Maybe in social upliftment sector or alternative energy sector - I'm not sure. But I am finding more opportunities outside TCS than within, so for the next step forward I regret to say that I will have to discontinue my journey with this esteemed organization.

I may live out this dream along with, perhaps, higher studies aspirations in the coming years and then return back to the IT sector, in that case, TCS shall always reserve a fond place in my heart. I sincerely hope that by then the cafeteria in Gurgaon has started serving fresh fruit juice and salad ;)

I am extremely thankful to this company and all its people for giving me employment, a higher standard of living, essential skills, for teaching me so much in life. But now I have to move on to other avenues, as my heart is marching to a different beat now.

Thanks and Regards
Nikhil Sheth


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