Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Is is possible for an AAP-led government to become a dictatorship?

"When Arvind Kejriwal will come to power, he will grab power and sideline everyone and become a ruthless dictator"
This is an oft-repeated statement, and I must notice that the people who say this usually fail to mention that this is exactly what Narendra Modi or Sonia Gandhi (through sonny boy Rahul) plan to do.

There is a mistake in the structural analysis here of the BJP/Congress and the AAP. We're taking the normal structure of the former and imposing it in full on the latter without checking the details. So, here's my inference:

The candidates that are standing for elections as members of AAP, can not really be described as AAP's candidates, even if unfortunately we're enslaved to using that language.
From the limited names that I have checked and talked about with people (who know them well) so far, here are some common characteristics I'm finding:
  1. Independent thinkers.
  2. Committed to the people.
  3. Caring for the people.
  4. Consistent track record as good doers.
  5. Cannot be corrupted, manipulated, deceived.
  6. Having a good amount of clarity about what is right and what is wrong.

If you put a person having these characteristics in your country's Parliament, then irrespective of which political party's candidate he/she was before getting elected, after elections this person will live up to the textbook description of a representative of the people living in his/her constituency.

These people will not be commanded from any "high command".
They will not vote on laws as per their party's stance. They will develop a consensus amongst themselves on what is wrong and what is right in most cases of course, but their vote will go to that option which they themselves think is best.

So, supposing that Aam Aadmi party does get the mandate, and forms a government,
And supposing that the line at the top turns true,
Then what will happen in the Parliament is this : AAP's MPs will SCREW Arvind Kejriwal if he ever dares to do as claimed.
This won't be horse-trading, as these people cannot be traded. They will simply vote and act against anything that they feel is wrong. Just like you and I would. Just like a real person would.

Aam Aadmi Party is not a creation of the media; but Arvind Kejriwal's image as the "boss" of the party is most certainly the exclusive creation of the media. All the people in AAP that I have gotten to know thus far, either through personal contact, through trusted sources or by analysing what they speak and write, I can tell you this for sure : NONE of them think of Arvind Kejriwal as their boss. Their reverence seems to be reserved singularly for the people for whom they say they have entered politics. Every one of them maintains an identity of their own; has their own likes and dislikes, opinions, affections... These are real human beings collaborating with each other. By consensus they concede some authorities to certain persons that they trust will have do the right thing.

Can anyone say the same about BJP or Congress candidates? Will any of them ever consider an option to act against their "high command" or commander-in-chief as is BJP's case? No. They are drones, robots. The vast majority of them (and mind, never use exceptions to pretend that the rule isn't there) are the representatives of their party; They are NOT representatives of the people.

So, given the structural composition of AAP, I would take a call here and say that even if Arvind Kejriwal does ever act like a dictator, it is physically impossible for him to grab and act on any dictatorial powers, even as Prime Minister. The MPs who make him PM, will destroy him the second something like this happens.

However, Narendra Modi, and any possible Congress-PM, most certainly will, excepting of the people whom he is serving and taking orders from.

So, the choice for the voter is as follows:
1. BJP/Congress/the like : Absolute Dictatorship at the Central govt level. (as is prevailing right now)
2. AAP / independent candidates : Democracy at the Central govt level.
3. NOTA - none of the above button. But this will in effect be a vote for whoever's garnering most votes anyway... this is not a neutral stance. So watch your priorities.

Now, for those who think that this dictator will be a good one : What will you do about the one who succeeds him? Why pass on that looming disaster to the population 5/10 years down the line? Why not take a chance to put in a structure that doesn't allow those in power to turn into dicators?

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