Sunday, March 2, 2014

We don't have any real security, law and order worth defending : it's an illusion

To Satyamev Jayate:
Thank you so much for this episode. Nearly every close female friend of
mine has undergone sexual abuse or attempted abuse, and NONE of them
were able to get even to the stage of filing an FIR.

Our law and court system is DESIGNED to maximize and protect our rape
culture. More than the individual actors themselves, I hold the people
at the helms of these institutions responsible for all these abuses.

The security and law and order that I hear people keep defending and
saying "Oh no, without all this there will be anarchy, there won't be
anyone to stop rapes.."

>> What do you think is happening right now?? We ARE in chaos. There is
NO security right now. It's just an illusion. There is nothing about our
present systems that is worth defending. We have to change it.


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